"The program was definitely the best learning experience I have ever had. Not only did I learn invaluable information about Argentine history, culture, and modern day life through our classes, but also I matured as an individual through real-life experiences in Argentina. I grew up in a relatively small city, so public transportation and city organization were completely foreign to me prior to Buenos Aires. I learned how to navigate a city by figuring out the subway and bus system, and gained a true appreciation for the layout and structure of Buenos Aires itself. My favorite learning experiences were our excursions on Fridays, our trip to Iguazu Falls, and attending the Argentina vs. Ecuador World Cup Qualifier. Each of these experiences was my favorite form of learning because each was an amazing example of immersion. We learned about gaucho history when we saw an amazing 'horse whisperer' show and about the differences in lifestyles inside and outside of Buenos Aires by visiting Iguazu. Second to none was when we bonded with random Argentines and learned the chants, cheers, and jeers while supporting Argentina at the soccer game."

Sanket Shah
BS in Biology and BA in Spanish
Class of 2014
Emory Universtiy

"My trip to Argentina through the Argentine Studies Summer Program was one of the most memorable and satisfying experiences of my life. I loved the country, the food, the traveling, the classes, everything. The professors make a huge difference in this program, welcoming you and really showing you what the lifestyle is like, and I still communicate with Professor Feldman. Our classes taught us everything we needed to know to understand the context of a lot of the things that we saw in the city and of the conversations with had with the people there. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city and we were lodged in a very good part of town, so I never felt unsafe and often took long trips by myself to explore the museums, Chinatown, various parks, the Cemetery of Recoleta, the Japanese Garden, etc. It's a completely different lifestyle, but I found to enjoy it very much - public transportation is fabulous and one of my favorite parts, the food is incredible, I had Rockefort cheese empanadas almost every day. Our group took a side trip to a little getaway town called El Tigre where we went canoeing down the delta of the Rio de la Plata. My host family was great with me and I had complete freedom to go in and out as I wished. While I didn't really get involved in the nightlife like my peers, the few times I went were a lot of fun and very lively. Within two weeks I had the layout of the city down and could travel mostly without looking at the map, and you get to know the local shops and ice cream parlors. The trip up to Iguazu Falls we did on our own was one of those things that you'll remember forever, it's on par with going to Niagara Falls, but just so much more special because you're deeper in the jungle and just. I initially only picked Argentina because the tsunami canceled my trip to Japan, so I had to find another program that was still open and that I'd enjoy. I figured I had no reason to go to Argentina ever if it was up to me (I already speak Spanish), so this was going to be the only time I would do it. It was such a great choice, and now I know that if I ever find a job in Buenos Aires, I will take it in a heartbeat. That's how much I fell in love with the city."

Bianca Copello
BS in Biology and BA in Linguistics
Class of 2012
Emory University

"Through the Argentina Summer Program I was completely immersed in the distinctive culture of Buenos Aires, as well as the other cities I traveled to. My host family was very welcoming and played a major role in teaching me about daily life and politics in Argentina. The city outings led by Hernán and our traveling faculty provided different perspectives on the influences of the city and were a fantastic supplement to our morning classes. Some of my fondest memories were made during the spontaneous activities we did as a group, such as attend an underground tango concert, walk around the local university, and watch a demonstration on Plaza de Mayo. Not only did I learn about Argentine literature and history, but my Spanish skills vastly improved along the way. During the six-week span, we managed to fit in a day trip to Uruguay, an excursion to the river delta at Tigre, and we independently organized an extended weekend in the northeastern most part of Argentina to see Iguazú Falls. I saw some incredible things and ate amazing foods, some of which I still try to recreate. One of the best parts of this program was that our group became close friends. We went from being strangers at Emory to staying in touch nearly two-and-a-half years after participating in the program. Overall, my time in Argentina made for an unforgettable experience, and I can’t wait to return sometime in the coming years."

Nicolette Kraska
BA in Political Science and Economics
Class of 2013
Emory University

"My experience studying abroad in Buenos Aires was unforgettable. Ironically, my favorite days were spent outside of the big city limits on our day trips. I appreciate the cultural immersion and the incredible opportunity to enhance my Spanish-speaking skills. Also, my host mom was the best! I learned many new things about myself during this trip that changed the way I perceived my world back home. My personal life and my academic proficiency were enriched by Buenos Aires. I would recommend this program to anyone considering studying abroad."

Kiara Merrill
BA in Biology, 2013
ABSN Candidate, 2014
Emory University

"The Argentine Studies Summer Program was a huge opportunity for me to add a unique level of expertise to my college experience at Emory. Visiting Latin America as well as spending six weeks in a Spanish-speaking country for the first time helped me to develop a sense of independence and to focus on immersing myself into the Argentine life. Even the little things, like ordering a submarino at a local café, or asking directions to the nearest subte station were significant occasions for me to recall the long list of Spanish verbs from the back of my head and to communicate with the Argentine people in complete Spanish sentences. By involving myself in these casual conversations, I understood the Argentine values in ways that I would have never been able to through a textbook. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to be a part of a special cultural exchange by introducing my Korean culture to the Argentine community. By cooking traditional Korean pancakes for my host mom and discussing Korean and Argentine politics with her, I was able to bring the two geographically distant countries very close at the cultural level. I will add one more thing— if you are considering participating in this awesome experience in Argentina, make sure to go on an ‘Argentine food tour’ with your friends; taste alfajores, empanadas, dulce de leche, Argentine steak and so much more!”

Jung Min Park
International Studies Major and Spanish Minor
Class of 2013
Emory University

"In addition to the amazing courses and cultural activities we all did across Buenos Aires, living with a host family was an unforgettable experience. I was able to live their day-to-day routine and experience the customs, values, and behaviors that define their culture, and most importantly, develop close bonds with local people of a completely different perspective. My host family would eat dinner together every single night, and I loved being able to listen and take part in their conversations about what was going on in Buenos Aires at the moment, whether it was something about sports, politics, or what was on television. My parents are from Guayaquil, Ecuador, and most of my extended family still lives there; therefore I had a lot of exposure to Hispanic culture prior to Argentina. However, one of the things I realized during our trip to Argentina was that Hispanic culture is a big generalization. It is so heterogeneous, and although some values are common, my experience in Argentina made me appreciate the differences. The city of Buenos Aires is a blend of cultures coming together, and I was reminded of my travels to both Europe and Ecuador. Yet it is so rich in its own customs, architecture, food, history, and even way to speak the Spanish language. It was amazing to walk just a few blocks from my host family’s apartment and stumble upon one of the city’s famous historic buildings, a cultural event, or a parade for the national soccer team."

Pamela Pimentel
BS in Anthropology and Human Biology
Class of 2014
Emory University

"I had gone back in forth the entire school year of where I would like to study abroad, and finally came to the decision of Argentina. The summer program in Buenos Aires was definitely the best option that I could’ve made. I enjoyed being in a big cosmopolitan city, and learning how to maneuver throughout the city just as locals do. Between the courses and weekly outside activities I gradually became as knowledgeable in Argentine culture as the locals. I couldn't believe the 6 weeks were able to incorporate such a broad span of contemporary Argentine history, but immersion is the key! I learned so much more during the 6 weeks of exploring the city and attended cultural events than merely sitting at a desk in a classroom on campus. As a raising senior majoring in Spanish I’m glad that I had the opportunity to improve my Spanish vocabulary and experience a new culture that I probably would have not otherwise."

Christyn Williams
BA in Sociology and Spanish
Class of 2014
Emory University