General Overview

The Emory Summer Program in Buenos Aires provides students with an understanding of Latin America and its cities using Buenos Aires as a model. By creating the opportunity to live in Buenos Aires, the program immerses students in the culture of one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan, and diverse urban centers in South America. Students gain a profound understanding of the specifics of Spanish American societies within a rigorous academic setting provided by Emory faculty members and local professors.

The format of the program follows a two-pronged approach in which theory and practice intersect, thereby maximizing the student’s immersion experience. In the mornings, students typically attend their classes at IDES (Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social), one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in Buenos Aires. In the afternoons, program assistants (who are selected from a pool of highly qualified Emory graduate students pursuing their doctoral degrees in Latin American literature) lead a wide array of guided activities throughout the city.

In this way, students first learn from program faculty in every classroom session, and then join program assistants in cultural excursions outside of the classroom designed to complement in-class content by directly accessing what is happening every day in the city. This philosophy of “taking the class to the real world” gives students invaluable hands-on experience and allows them to analyze the interaction between the course content and the daily life of Buenos Aires. Students also attend a series of lectures delivered every Monday by renowned Argentine scholars who are leading experts in the fields of Economics, History, Art, and Politics.

By interacting with Emory graduate students, Emory faculty, and Argentina-based scholars, students experience the full gamut of academic registers in the Spanish language. This student-centered pedagogical approach is further supplemented by the students’ daily contact with their Argentine host families and friends, who help students become knowledgeable in the informal Spanish normally used in Buenos Aires.